Precision Medals

Precision Medals

Custom Shadowboxes for Military Awards

Our shadowboxes are assembled by hand and custom framed by our staff. We do not use standard size commercial frames. That way we can offer any size depending on the amount of items being displayed.

Standard items that we include in the box is a branch emblem at the top, an engraved nameplate that list the rank, name, branch, and dates of service, rank insignia, full set of ribbons, shooting badges, and medals. We can also include any uniform item plus any other items you can think of. Some examples have been dogtags, rosaries, knives, pictures, coins, MP badges, whistles, bayonets, Brassard’s, berets, aiguillettes, shoulder boards, and patches. In addition, we have made shadowboxes with full, half and quarter uniform jackets with all awards and accessories.

Each medal is individually mounted to the required length and displayed with an individual nameplate underneath.

You can provide any or all the materials to be displayed or they can be purchased from us. If you are missing a uniform item we have multiple sources in which to get authentic replacements or in some cases replicas.

We also provide miniature Battalion, Squadron, Regiment/Brigade, and Division flags and guidons complete with unit streamers. We can customize your unit colors by adding a nameplate, coins, and patches. The framed size of a standard flag is 22″ x 22″. Larger if items are added.

So if you’re thinking of showcasing someone’s service with a shadowbox either give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will e-mail you some basic questions which will give us some basic information to allow us to determine a size and price estimate. What we need to know to determine a price estimate is: What branch of service?, what rank?, what are their awards?, what else do you want to put in the box?. From that info we can estimate a size and price.

There are some samples to view under “samples” on the home page. Top right of the page is the “samples” link. You can also visit our Facebook page at to see more. Look under ‘pictures’ and then you can look through the albums that are separated by branch see a lot more shadowboxes than shown here.


Shadowboxes are packed by and shipped via UPS.

Any claims of damage should be made through UPS.  Please contact us immediately for assistance with the claim and to discuss any repairs.

Contact Information

Feel free to mail your items to us at the following address or contact us with any questions at the below number or e-mail address:

Phone: 1-843-521-1996

Precision Medals
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Precision Medals