Precision Medals

Precision Medals

Customized Military Award Displays

Below is a sampling of our displays from some of our customers. These pictures are meant as samples only to provide you with an idea or two. The layout can be altered depending upon the number of medals, awards and breast insignia for each customer. Assembly time is approximately 14 days. Prices vary due to size and content. Do not be afraid to ask us if something can be included. We have included things such as dog tags, rosaries, knives, pictures, coins, MP badges, whistles, and bayonets.

E-Mail us for an estimate. Prices vary due to size of the frame which depends on the number of medals and items to be included. We can use medals provided by you or provide new ones. Some people like to keep the originals to hand down and use new medals for the display and some want to use the original awards.

A little about our displays…

1. We cut and professionally assemble our own frames so we can offer any size. We use a very high quality mahogany frame.

2. We use high quality black velvet for our backgrounds. This absorbs reflections and shadows and provides a very good contrast to the medals so that all their colors are visible in full richness. We do not use different color backgrounds because medals with the same edge colors bleed into the background and it is hard to see the borders of the medals and ribbons.

3. Each display is handcrafted starting with the medals being individually mounted to meet DoD standards.

4. The layout is arranged according to the number of medals and other devices in the display. Everything is displayed in proper seniority and great painstaking care is taken when assembling the final layout.

5. Our quality control section inspects the final display before it is placed in it’s frame for pick-up or shipping.

Any questions regarding shadowboxes can be sent to

Precision Medals